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Please help us make a difference in the lives of thousands of children. You have the capability of educating, preparing, and inspiring, of changing and shaping the future.  

We provide you with appropriate training, curriculum, and eager students. You provide the students with your time, your passion, and your enthusiasm to make an imprint!

Volunteering does not involve a long-term commitment, nor does it require much time. Each volunteer can participate for a short period of time, usually sixty minutes or less. We understand that each volunteer has his/her individual schedule, and are very flexible as to scheduling volunteer time.

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          Special Events

          The Career Awareness Program



Donation Opportunities

$43,000 is the price tag for one year of incarceration for a teenager convicted of a criminal offense in Los Angeles.

$50.00 is the cost a year to support a single student in a school-based Learning for Life program in Los Angeles.

Could you afford not to give?

We need financial supporters who are passionate about giving students the opportunities they deserve in order to thrive. Everyday we pledge to help students reach their full potential so that they become the next generation of productive, successful members of our society. So please pledge your support now and help us impact the life of our future generation.

Program delivery including recruitment of staff and volunteers, supplies, special events, and facilities are areas that will vastly improve with your generosity.



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