Getting Your Post Up and Running

Organizing an Explorer post (group) in your organization is easy! Just follow the Five-Step Plan for Post Program Development:

  1. Organization's Commitment: Secure a commitment from the chief executive officer of the participating organization.

  2. Career Opportunities Development Meeting: A training and program development meeting for post adult leaders conducted by an Exploring program representative.

  3. Post Firstnighter Meeting: A special and exciting hands-on meeting held annually by each post to recruit new youth participants.

  4. Post Activities Development Meeting: A program planning meeting with Explorers' input to reach agreement on post monthly activities.

  5. Explorer Post Officers' Seminar: Training meeting for elected post officers.

Program Support

Learning for Life provides Explorer posts with the following support:

  • Professional and volunteer staff to help the post succeed

  • Recruiting, training, and guiding of a volunteer district/division support staff organization

  • An annual Explorer program planning conference

  • An annual career interest survey of all high schools in the community

  • Activity planning and the use of Learning for Life facilities, such as camp

Liability Insurance for Participating Organizations
General liability insurance covers the participating organization on a primary basis for any responsibility they may have on Exploring-related matters without asking the participating organization or its own insurance to be involved.

Adult and Youth Leader Training
Learning for Life provides basic and advanced adult leader training sessions along with an annual post leader workshop, quarterly Advisor meetings, and an annual Learning for Life program planning conference.



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