Navigators' Program Senior High (9th - 12th Grades)


The Navigators' Program is designed to extend the learning experiences taught through Learning for Life's Builders Program for seventh and eighth grade students. Just as the word "navigators" implies, the program serves to guide youngsters in making a successful transition from high school into real-world endeavors, including post-secondary education, acquiring a job, being a productive citizen, and establishing and maintaining positive relationships with others. There are two (2) books in the Navigators' series. One book is entitled: "A Personal Compass for Daily Living". It includes lessons in three chapters:

  • Habits of Character
  • Service to Others
  • Ethical Dilemmas

A DVD entitled "Personal Safety Awareness" is included with Book One. This DVD covers youth protection issues facing high school students. A meeting Guide for Personal Safety Awareness which can be used with high school aged youth. Guide is available at the below link in English and Spanish. [pdf].

The Leadership Workshop Series DVD ROM is now available as a printed book called "Leadership Development Guidebook for Teenage Youth". It includes the 16 Workshops as well as options on how to organize the workshops. A sample certificate for local reproduction is also included. It can be ordered through your local Learning for Life office (32148).

A Character Achievement Award is also available.

The second book is called "A Roadmap for the Future". Lessons in this book are included in these chapters:

  • Life Skills
  • Career Education
  • College Life

Book two features a CD ROM included with the teacher's edition. It is called the Life Choices a Career Game. This is an interactive game that presents situations that require a selection that involves character and could have career implications. The game culminates with an interactive job interview. See the online demo of this game.

Students using this book can work on earning the Career Achievement Award in one of 12 different career clusters.

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In addition the Navigators program services can also include Career Seminars and Career Fairs. The local Learning for Life staff can work with your school to recruit qualified speakers. The Student Career Interest Survey is a resource that helps to identify potential career topics.

Speakers are recruited and trained by Learning for Life so that they can make an effective career presentation to high school students.

Although aspects of these two books are introduced in Learning for Life's programs for elementary schools and taught in a more extended way through the 7th and 8th grade Builders Program, the Navigators' Program takes students to a much deeper level of learning and a much broader set of learning experiences. When students complete the Navigators' Program, they will be much better prepared to enter the workforce or enter post-secondary education. They will have deeper understandings and many more strategies to support their efforts to achieve success in their chosen venture.

Drug Abuse for Teens is available: This is a publication created in cooperation with the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). It is aimed at helping give teens information on the dangers of drugs so they can make good choices. It can be downloaded at [pdf].


Book One: A Personal Compass for Daily Living Table of Contents Sample Lesson Plan
Book Two: A Roadmap to the Future Table of Contents Sample Lesson Plan
Leadership Development Guidebook for Teenage youth Table of Contents Sample Lesson Plan