Upper School Programs

Learning for Life’s Upper School Programs are divided in to three programs:

The Builders’ Program is provided to middle school students, grades seventh and eighth. This program begins to prepare students for the career world, while also teaching them the essentials of character, relationship building, and citizenship

And students in high school, grades ninth through twelfth are offered the curriculum of the Navigator’s Program. Navigators are more extensively taught qualities which are crucial for future success. These qualities include an emphasis of post-secondary education, ethical decision making, and positive relationship building.

The Career Awareness Program is designed for both middle and high school students. This program offers the students an in-depth look in to specific career paths and opportunities. By providing students with a chance to listen to a professional’s first hand experience with his/her profession, this program informs students of the various opportunities, of which they otherwise would not be aware.



The speakers and field trips that Learning for Life provided helped greatly in giving these students a tangible experience in understanding the importance of a college education. These inner city students are often overlooked or written off and it is gratifying that Learning for Life is committed to giving these kids an opportunity to succeed.

–Jorge Calderon, Vice Principal, John Adams Middle School



Builders Navigators
Builders Program Navigators Program Career Awareness Program


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