Upper School Resources

Click below to view the resources and opportunities available to support Learning for Life Upper School programs:

          Drug Abuse Prevention for Teens is a supplement to the Learning for Life program, developed jointly by Learning for Life and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

          Leadership Development Guidebook for Teenage Youth

          Sample Forms, including the Student Career Interest Survey, Student Questionnaires, and Teachers Assessment.

         Life Choices: A Character Game - This game is for the Builders program for 7th and 8th graders. It features real life scenarios where students must make a decision from two choices presented. Once a student makes a choice, they receive an immediate consequence and then it is on to another situation. The game tracks student responses and will report at the end of game how they performed. The game concludes with a students recognized at school assemblies or a journal see how the consequences of the situations.

         Life Choices: a Career Game - This game is for the Navigators program for high school participants. Here students are presented moral situations where an ethical choice is required. Students make their choice and receive the consequence. Their choices build up icons on the screen, some positive, others negative that come into play at the end of game. The conclusion of the game is an interactive job interview. This is conducted with the student who will have to refer to his icons to continue the interview. The message here is that choices have consequences that may be long term

          Sample Lesson Plans: A convenient listing of all sample contents pages and lesson plans from the programs above.

          Teacher Online Training

         Scholarships and Awards - Any young adult is eligible for the Young American Award and all youth participating in the high school Learning for Life or Exploring program can apply for an array of the following awards.

         Resource Catalog for a listing of resources that are available

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