Discoverers' Program (3rd—4th Grades)


The Discoverers' Program combines character development, life skills, academic learning, and outdoor experiences specifically designed for 3rd and 4th grade youth. It mirrors the Seeker's Program by providing an integrated approach to character development. The age appropriate, grade specific lesson plans focus on the same 8 character traits as the Seekers' Program: 1) Respect, 2) Responsibility, 3) Honesty/Trust, 4) Caring/Fairness, 5) Perseverance, 6) Self-Discipline, 7) Courage and 8) Citizenship. Life Skills with topics on Youth Protection, Hobbies and Art lesson plans are also part of the Discoverers Program.

Each of the 3rd and 4th grade books has 61 lessons plans focusing on many of the same themes as the Seekers' Program; however, lesson plans progress in difficulty and cognitive level. Lessons focus on critical thinking, conflict resolution, perseverance, courage, interpersonal skills, and ethical decision making. A "Home/Family Activity Worksheet" is included which each lesson to the lesson plan at the home.

To further enhance the Discoverers' Program, each book contains an interactive CD-Rom game for students titled "SuperSafe." The game presents a series of six age-appropriate scenarios where students have to make choices about safety issues. The six scenarios are: Internet Safety, Nonviolent Strategies, Verbal Abuse, Bullying, Youth Protection, and Unsupervised Children. The game also provides information that can be sent home to parents. The information details issues that are being addressed in the SuperSafe CD-Rom game and shows ways parents/guardians can help their child's development. See the online demo of this game.

The Discoverers Program also has a unique recognition plan that includes honor charts and 15 colorful stickers.

Other valued-added components of the Discoverers' Program includes: community speakers, mentors, outdoor experiences, field trips, and teacher training.




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